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Heeeeello everyone! I can’t believe it has been so long since I’ve gotten to sit down and blog. I miss you all so much. I hate that I get so busy during the semesters but such is life – you gotta do what you gotta do! Plus, adding being in a sorority to my plate really didn’t help my already busy schedule.

Let me just give you a little peep into what a week in the “Life of Kimberly” REALLY looks like:

  • Monday: Classes from 8:30am-2:45pm with a 40-minute break for lunch from 12:20pm-1pm, SCEC meetings will be held on this day (previously had them on Fridays but our info meeting was on a Monday)
  • Tuesday: Class from 9:30am-10:45am then a loooong break until 5pm where I have a night class from 5pm-8pm; during my break I normally do homework or I have things that I have to do (e.g. I went to an education abroad workshop this past Tuesday during my break and I’ve also had meetings with friends/peers during that time when I can fit it in)
  • Wednesday: Classes from 8:30am-2:45pm again with that same break but I may or may not work a closing shift that night (normally like 4pm or 5pm to close, which is 11pm but I won’t normally leave until almost midnight); any break I get in between, or if I don’t work, will be used for homework, cleaning the apartment, running errands, etc.
  • Thursday: Class from 9:30am-10:45am then I have tons of meetings to catch up on; this Thursday I have an advising session for study abroad (though I may skip this as I think the workshop helped me with all that I need), a phone interview with an organization that I’ll be a Peer Buddy for, a date with a sister, then dinner with my best friend
  • Friday: Always work pretty much ALL weekend because I can’t normally work during the week (aka Monday-Thursday) and I try to work at least three days a week as much as possible; I don’t have classes on Fridays but I have job coaching for a mentor program from 2pm-3:30pm and then normally a closing shift from 4pm or 5pm to close. This week I also have an event for an organization from 12:30pm-2pm right before my job coaching
  • Saturday: Usually work like 11-8 or 12-9 on this day so I wake up at like 10am-10:30am, get ready for work, and head there; once I’m off, I’ll usually clean up my apartment some and work on homework (or just pass out because I’m exhausted)
  • Sunday: I can only work an opening shift on this day, which is normally 7:30-3:30, because I have meetings for my sorority every Sunday at 5pm and I have to go to them; these meetings can last any length of time and I have a “new member” type meeting shortly after our official meeting each Sunday; once I get done with all this, I’ll normally get any homework that HAS to be done by Monday finished then crash because I’ll have class at 8:30am the next morning (although now most of our classes will be “online” for the rest of the semester so I get a bit of a break from this – YAY!)

Within all of this, I have random events that happen on different nights for my sorority, different meetings/events for my other organizations, priorities that I have to complete tasks for in my officer positions, and so on… it’s really been running me into the ground here lately. I haven’t had ANY time to myself until now… and it’s 11:51pm.

HOWEVER, although stressful, this semester seems to be going well so far. All the grades I’ve gotten already have been 100s and I couldn’t be more pleased as I don’t know how I’m even surviving at this point (basically on coffee and concealer – maybe that should have been my blog’s name). I really am enjoying being a member of the Greek community and a sister of Alpha Delta Pi. I’ve been buying waaay too many t-shirts to prove it! I’m super proud to have letters that I can call home and I love sharing it. My other organizations seem to be having a lot going on too, which I’m always excited about. Part of me loves when my planner is chalked full of fun things to do and the other part dreads looking at what I’ve got going on each and every day. Thankfully, I AM organized with my planner so it saves my life on a day-to-day basis.

Honestly, I really just wanted to get on here and talk to you guys. You know it’s one of my favorite things to do and I can never stop talking most of the time… heh. (Looking at my current word count of 798… oops.) So, on that note, I’m going to finish this off with a motivational quote to keep you all moving (and myself because, let’s face it, I’m basically dead right now).

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice

Love & positive vibes always.

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August Review | Hello, September!

August Review

Super late blog post for you guys… hope you don’t mind.

I cannot believe that August is already over. It feels like it began three days ago and it all just flew by. I feel awful because I haven’t been writing posts but I have been so busy that I have barely even seen my boyfriend… and he lives with me! Between classes starting, joining a sorority, my other school organizations starting back up, work, and just trying to have somewhat of a life, I haven’t been able to do much other than nap (when I get fit it into my schedule). I’m actually avoiding a nap right now so I can do some homework and finally get a post to you guys! (I know, I’m so sweet.)

I wanted to do this so I could see how I did on my goals for the month of August! My next post will be setting goals for September, of course, because how else would I get through each month without trying to plan everything out to a tee. So, without further blabbing, here is how I did on my goals for August.

Personal Goals Review

#1 Focus of loving myself a little more. | I haven’t done awful with this but I haven’t done great. I try to look cute as far as my outfits but I haven’t put as much effort into my makeup… which really makes me sad! Like I said before, I love doing it but I am just so tired in the mornings that I don’t want to do anything that isn’t sleep for ten more minutes.

#2 Finish my current book of choice. | I most definitely did not do this. I actually started another book on top of the two that I already have started. Of course, you can’t blame me for this one because it is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. (I KNOW, RIGHT?! I’M FANGIRLING, TOO.) I will make my way through them all… eventually.

#3 Throw myself into the semester/school activities. | I have definitely done this… perhaps a little bit too much. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had any time to just relax and have fun. I’ve made time for a couple lunch dates with my best friend and late night dinner with my sisters but that’s really it. I need to learn that balance between it all.

#4 Pick up the apartment daily. | I did SO much better at this but I still haven’t quite got it mastered. I did try to do something in the name of cleaning each day, even if it wasn’t much, and my boyfriend helped out a ton because he only has work to worry about. He’s really been a godsend these past few weeks.

#5 Lose 5 more pounds. | I actually don’t know if I did this one or not! I’ve been pretty bad about tracking my calories the past couple of days but I need to get back on track with it and eat healthier. I’m really trying but it’s so hard when my habits become so irregular due to school. I need to weigh-in to see where I’m at soon!

Blogging Goals Review

#1 Reach 50 email followers. | Failed. Miserably. I have a whopping total of 4 followers through my email subscription. I’m actually pretty sad about it. I don’t know what I did before that got me so many email followers but I’m going to have to up my game if I’m ever going to get to that amount again.

#2 Reach 50 Bloglovin’ followers. | Well, definitely didn’t make it to 50 (maybe I should have set these goals a little lower?) but I got to 16 so that counts for something. I feel like that’s a good growth for as little as I’ve had time to be online this month.

#3 Continue to schedule posts ahead of time. | I definitely didn’t manage to get the two weeks worth of posts out for my first two weeks of school, like I had hoped. I did have about a week and a half scheduled but after that, I dropped off the face of Planet Blog. I really am going to try to pick myself back up but I need a day where I can just get things done for my blog the entire day if that’s going to happen.

#4 Stay on my blogging schedule. | I stuck to this until about halfway through the month after classes started. I still plan to keep doing things on this schedule but I may have to drop to only doing one post a week for now if I can’t keep up with three posts a week. I hate doing that but with how busy I am, that may be best for during the semesters.

#5 Keep up with my new Facebook group, Blogwarts. | This one has much better success! With the help of my amazing admins on my Facebook group, I’ve been able to keep this going strong all throughout August. I’m super proud of Blogwarts’s success and I really hope it continues to grow into an amazing resource and blogging family.

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How I Built My Credit at 20

how i build my credit at 20

Many people think that it is impossible to have a good credit score in your twenties. They automatically assume that we all are terrible with money, can’t save to save our lives, and will max out our credit cards the moment the companies give us that piece of plastic. I have to say… I OBJECT TO THIS STEREOTYPICAL ASSUMPTION. We aren’t all the same! Yes, some people can’t handle the responsibility of having credit cards without maxing them out every time they get a chance, but not everyone is like this. Some people use them as a way to build up their credit (even at twenty years old!).

I’m going to share with you how I was able to build my credit score (after less than a year and a half) up to a 733. That is only 77 points away from a perfect score, which is an 800. Pretty amazing for a twenty-one-year-old with makeup addiction, right? My credit is one thing I don’t mess around with. Yes, I’ve used my credit cards A LOT… but I use them responsibly. Let’s talk about that.

I don’t spend what I can’t pay back.
I always think ahead when making purchases, whether it is $30 or $200. If I didn’t think I would be able to pay it back before my bill was due, I wouldn’t make the purchase. And when I say pay it back, I mean pay all of it back – in full.

I always pay my balance back in full every time.
I never pay the minimum suggested payment. I have never once let my credit card bills collect interest. This is how they get you. They tell you that you only have to pay so much back a month, but that interest adds up and you’re paying back 50% more than what you would have before if you had just paid it all off at once. Sucks, right?

I always pay my bills on time.
Most places have some kind of “no late fees for the first year” type of deal, especially for new credit card users. Don’t even think about utilizing this “deal”. Just pay it back on time, every month. Not only do you need to pay the entire bill but paying it on time will keep it from collecting interest and causing you late fees (most of the time, you’ll get late fees after that deal is up so you might as well avoid the habit).

Each of my credit cards for a purpose.
I currently have two credit cards through clothing stores and one general card. The two stores that I have cards through are stores that I shop at, at least, twice a year, if not more. I try to limit myself because paying back big bills can be stressful on me and my wallet. However, I use the times that I already know I will be purchasing from these stores to build my credit. It helps me and it was something I was going to purchase one way or another. My general card is my gas card. This is all I use it for. I never put any other purchase on it. That way, the highest bill I’ll ever have will likely be $60 and that’s only if I have to fill up twice in one month!

I plan ahead.
If I know I’ll need something that one of my credit cards can cover, I’ll use it and just save the money I had for it to pay the bill. This is a great way to build your credit. And you won’t have to worry about paying it later because you were already planning to just buy it outright.

I take advantage of the deals.
Although this doesn’t directly affect your credit, I wanted to talk about it because it can! I always wait to buy things with my store credit cards until I have coupons or there’s a sale going on (unless I really have to have something for a specific purpose). Even though using your credit cards can build your credit, using them too much and using more money on them can actually hurt your credit. This is how taking advantage of the sales will help you in the long run!

how i built my credit at 20 pinterest image

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BTS | Fall 2016 Semester Goals

fall 2016 semester goals

Goals always get me in the right mindset for a prosperous future. That’s why I’ve collected my goals for the month, personal and blogging that is, in a previous post. Being in college is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love being able to learn something new all the time and study what I love while I do it. This is probably why I want another three degrees after I finish this one… Regardless, I need to set goals for myself in order to make sure I keep myself on track for success.
#1 Reach 10,000 steps at least 3 days a week. This is a bit harder to keep up with right now because I am not allowed to have my phone in my pocket or on me at all at work so it stays up front. I’d probably get a bajillion steps in each day if I was able to but such is life. I want to make this goal specifically for days that I won’t be working.

#2 Set a gym/work-out schedule and don’t stray from it. I always say I’m going to go to the gym every single day or work out at home but I do it for a couple of weeks and then flake off. I can’t keep doing that. I need to make a schedule and stick to it. I think setting something more realistic like 3 days a week would be easier than every single day.

#3 Continue my streak of all A’s every semester. I’ve gotten all A’s for at least two semesters (maybe even 3 but I can’t remember at the moment) now and I want to keep that trend going. I have a whole post about how to get straight A’s (using my own methods), if you’re interested.

#4 Read at least three books for fun. I always neglect doing things for me during the semester. I either get too caught up in school or am just too tired to want to do things that I enjoy. I’m currently reading a book and I want to keep up with my reading throughout this semester. I think setting a goal for one book a month will surely help!

#5 Stay involved in my organizations. As you all know, I accepted a bid from Alpha Delta Pi this semester so I am very excited to add this on to the organizations that I take part in at my university. I am also president of our local Student Council for Exceptional Children, vice president of our Kappa Delta Pi chapter, and vice president of social media for our National Society of Collegiate Scholars chapter. This, as you can imagine, should keep me pretty busy (which is how I like it!).

#6 Take time out for myself. This is going to be the hardest one. I am always so focused on school and helping everyone else that I never take time for me. I will not do this anymore. I am going to go out with friends, have a glass of wine at night, binge watch Netflix, read those books I set a goal for, and just relax sometimes. It may seem scary (ha) but I know I can do it if I really stick to my goals.
That is all for my goals for this semester. I can’t believe that it this time of the year again already. I know it happens twice for me but I get equally excited every time (until all of those assignments start rolling in). I can’t wait to see how I do with this goals.

Share your goals for the next few months with me below!

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BTS | How to Get Straight A’s in College

how to get straight a's in college

Getting all A’s in any school setting can be tricky but it seems so much easier in high school. You don’t have nearly as much personal responsibility and many times teachers walk you through every step. College isn’t like that. It’s up to you to make sure you get that 4.0 GPA. However, lucky for you, I have some awesomely fantastical tips to make this a bit easier on you.

Disclaimer: Even though these tips work for me, they may not work for you. You have to find what is best for you and roll with it. Everyone is different. I’ve seen some pass every class without ever opening a book and some that need to read every night for it to sink in. We all have different learning types and, if you know yours, you should definitely roll with it!

#1 Use. Your. Syllabus.

I really don’t think some people realize the importance of a syllabus in college. Your professors basically map out the entire semester in one little 2- to 10-page document (depending on the professor and type of class). Some include an entire course schedules with all assignments, projects, exams, etc. Some just include what chapters you’ll be covering when. Some just tell you when the midterm and final are. Whatever they give you, utilize it. If you ask them about it and it’s in the syllabus, they will likely tell you that you should already know and ignore your questions. Some professors are nicer than others but I’ve had many get upset with me for missing something in the syllabus and then asking about it later. If you don’t understand something in your syllabus, ask the professor. They will almost most always explain something to you if you’re just not sure what it means… as long as you don’t wait until the day before whatever that applies to happens.

#2 Take the lead. Always.

Group projects, man… you’ve had them, I’ve had them, we all have. They’re the worst. Not only because most of us are antisocial caterpillars but also because we don’t want to depend on others for a good grade. The great thing about it is… you don’t have to. Yes, it may require more work, but if something isn’t getting done, don’t just sit around and get a D because your partner didn’t want to do their part. Do it. I almost always have group evaluations whenever I have these projects and I always and 100% honest on them. Tell your professor who didn’t do what and, on the reverse side, who the best group members were! If you don’t have evaluations, go to your professor’s office hours and tell them that so-and-so isn’t doing their part. Normally they will either speak to them and or lower their grade on the project individually whenever the final grades are given (Sounds harsh, but people who don’t do the work don’t deserve the A that you and your best group member had to push out while the other two played on their phones during every group meeting.).

#3 Use some type of organizational method.

A planner, a to-do list, a calendar app, or whatever it may be, use something to organize your life! You will need this desperately in college. Actually, you’ll probably need this for the rest of your life after high school. Having your life organized keeps you from forgetting things that could easily be fixed with writing it down in a planner or saving a reminder on your phone and it also makes you get in the habit of having something to look back on. Even if you have the best memory in the world, you are bound to forget something… this will make sure everything, including feeding the cats, gets taken care of.

Side Tip: Make a to-do list every week to organize your weekly tasks and thoughts. This really helped me when I started getting closer to the end of the semester and big projects, daily assignments, and studying for exams all started piling into one week. It was difficult. I would make a list every time when things like this happened (first things are what needed to be completed first and in order to the least important item at that date).

#4 Find your best study method and stick to it.

I know so many people that say that you should use tons of different ways to study so you don’t get sick of something but I completely disagree with this. If I used something other than flashcards and note lists, I wouldn’t pass a single class. I tried the Quizlet app and, although it wasn’t the worst way I’ve tried to study, it didn’t do the trick for me because I didn’t have to physically write out everything. If I write it down, especially several times, then I’m bound to remember it. That’s how my brain works. Writing my notes in class, writing a “note list” of important things that can’t be in flashcard form, and then making flashcards helps me keep things fresh in my mind. Then studying those materials makes sure that I’ve got them locked in and ready for my exams.

#5 Don’t take notes with your computer.

Honestly, unless your professor says that you’re going to need it, don’t even take your computer out during class. It is a distraction more than anything. You’re going to want to get on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and who knows what else before you ever open that Word document and get a single sentence of notes written out. That’s just how our brains work these days – “Hi, I’m Kimberly, and I’m addicted to social media.” Taking notes on a piece of paper, in your favorite notebook, or whatever physical writing material you choose is the best way to avoid this. You’ll pay more attention to the lecture and presentations rather than what your best friend did with that girl you don’t like last week.

how to get straight a's in college pinterest image

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BTS | My Formal Sorority Recruitment Experience

my formal sorority recruitment experience

Sorority recruitment was something that I debated going through with for some time. I had done the informal spring recruitment where you just get an overview of the sororities, meet a few of the sisters, and then go to events for the sorority of your choice (that all overlapped, so you couldn’t go for more than one sorority). I didn’t get into the one I tried for but they only had 7 spots open so I tried to not let it break my spirits.

However, I was really turned off from the idea after that as I was so disappointed. I thought I stood out from the others enough to make myself be one of the “chosen ones” but it was likely because those sisters just weren’t the ones for me – and that’s okay. After much thought and talking to friends of mine in sororities, I decided to finally go out for recruitment again but in the fall! This way I got the entire experience and I don’t miss out on any opportunities. I will be sharing my step-by-step experience with you all in this blog post!

Before Recruitment

Before recruitment got started, I had some communication with my Gamma Chi (or recruitment counselor) as well as many conversations with one of my close friends that is already in a sorority. My friend informed me of how things were going to work and gave me some tips on how to get rid of my jitters. (I was extremely nervous before learning more about the process.) My Gamma Chi called me the Saturday before recruitment started to let me know of all the details for the first day as well as to inform me that I needed to deactivate my social media during the time of our recruitment. She also made a GroupMe for all of us to chit-chat and for her to tell us what was going to happen during our time together!

I immediately went and looked at photos of all of the gorgeous PNMs that were going to be rushing with me in my group. We had about 12 girls, not including our Gamma Chi. All of them were stunning. I looked at myself and thought, “If these are the types of girls that get into sororities, how do I expect to find one that will take me?” I immediately shut down this idea. I had so many negative thoughts due to my poor self-esteem but I remembered that my positive and cheerful personality trumps all in the end. (Plus, amazing encouragement from my friends made it seem like nothing.) I also had a few side conversations with my Gamma Chi and she was the sweetest. I definitely felt a good connection from the start.

During Recruitment

Day 1: Meeting The Sororities

Day 1 was all dedicated to getting just a few minutes with the sororities. There wasn’t a specific theme to guide conversation. We were in there for ten minutes each and the parties went by super-fast! I immediately felt connections to several of the sororities going in but I definitely wasn’t sure of how I was feeling. We all just talked about our majors, where we were from, etc. so we could get to know a sister (or more than one) from each sorority and they could get to know us!

Day 2: In-Depth Conversation

The next day was basically the same as the first but we had thirty minutes in each sorority’s party! I seriously thought that this was going to be super hard. Ten minutes was easy! We just talk about the basics and moved from there if we needed to. However, I didn’t feel like any conversation was super forced or troubling. It wasn’t hard to talk to any of the sororities, honestly, however, I had some serious connections with a few of them.

There was one sorority party where I talked to the same girl the entire time (which was rare) and we had such an amazing connection. I instantly knew we’d be lifelong friends, even if that sorority wasn’t for me. We also got financial sheets from each of the sororities to explain the costs of each of them. After this day, we had to choose four that we really loved and then two that we weren’t feeling. It wasn’t guaranteed that you’d go back to the four you chose but those four would have priority over inviting you back to forty minute parties the next day. You could get invited back to anywhere between 0-4 sorority parties.

Day 3: Philanthropy Day

I found out that I was invited back to two sororities this day! I was so excited because one of the sororities that I got invited back to was the one that came to be my first choice and the one that I had that amazing connection with the girl I talked about previously. However, the other one was one that I put on my “wasn’t feeling it” side, which was strange to me. It wasn’t that the conversations were bad but I didn’t think that there was a connection there, however, I was grateful to be invited back because, after going to this day’s party, I was instantly floored by their sisters. I fell in love with them as much as I had the other (which made a decision following this extremely hard).

After this day, we had to narrow down our top two choices, without ranking them, to return to the next day. As I only had two, it was not difficult to choose (looking at the positives)!

Day 4: Pref Day

Many people say that this is the most emotional and a very important day in your recruitment process. For my university, we only got to go to two parties this day. These were the two that invited us back again. I was blessed to have been invited back, once again, to both of the sororities from my previous round. We had forty-five minutes with each of them and they shared some beautiful things with us at each of the ones I attended.

I got to talk to the girl that had me loving my first preference from the start again and we cried. She made me feel so loved and accepted that I just hugged her and cried. My other party was just as amazing… this was my dilemma. I sat in the lab where we ranked our preferences for a few minutes before it finally hit me. I was sure that I would be happy with either sorority but I definitely felt something more with my first preference.

Day 5: Bid Day

The most important day of the entire experience came so fast for me and I was both excited and scared. We got our bids this day! So it started off where they explained what was going to happen then we got our bids and, if we accepted, we were announced to the rest of the pledge classes. After that, we got to run out to sisters and get photos in our new shirts! I am now a proud sister of the Epsilon Omicron chapter of Alpha Delta Pi! 💎🦁 My sorority went to the park so we could get to know more sisters, have lunch, get some information we needed to know, and stuff like that.

Final Thoughts

I am so thrilled to be a sister of ADPi! They were my first preference and I cannot believe I got blessed with a bid to the first secret society for women founded in 1851! I have already made so many amazing friends and met so many sisters. I even found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Candidly Kelsey, is an ADPi sister as well!  I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all throughout this new adventure. If you want to see more posts on my sorority endeavors, let me know in the comments!

That’s why they call us the first and the finest.

my formal sorority recruitment experience pinterest image

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BTS | 4 Proven Ways to Avoid Pulling an All-Nighter (Featuring Welcome to Aly’s World)

aly's world guest post

Back at it again with the guest posts! Not really… I haven’t had any on my blog since I moved over to Life of Kimberly! I have been working with Aly from Welcome to Aly’s World on this idea for a couple of weeks and she finally got back to me with this amazing post. We decided that she should add on my Back to School series by making a college-related post! This one is all about how to avoid that all-nighter habit. We all know what it’s like to feel like you’ve got to do it or you won’t be able to pass that one exam… but it’s avoidable! And Aly’s going to tell you how… enjoy!

Avoid Pulling an All-Nighter
Hi, friends! The classic college student is known for pulling multiple all-nighters. The truth is that it’s possible to get good grades and get all your work done in college without having to pull all-nighters. Being a science student means that I have a crazy amount of work to do, and in addition to that, I work in a lab, participate in extracurricular activities, run a blog, and actively attend a church. Despite all that, I have never had to pull an all-nighter. Want to know why? Good planning and time management.

In a few words, the best way to avoid all-nighters is to be on top of things. Be aware of what’s going in all of your classes, especially pay attention to what’s due in the next few weeks. When you’re aware of what’s going on (and when you’ve acted on it), you won’t be pulling all-nighters and waiting until the last minute to do things.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning helps you be aware of what’s going on in the first place. It let you know exactly what you need to get done. It’s much easier to start once you know what you need to do. Take each class syllabus and pencil into your planner each important date and assignment (I said pencil because plans often change). If you do this and if you look at your planner often, you won’t miss another deadline, and when you go to study you won’t have to spend 10 minutes figuring out what you need to do.

Create a Study Schedule

Now that you know what you need to do, you can create a study schedule to make sure you stay ahead of the game. This schedule will let you know what you need to work on and when. Preferably, try to adjust this study schedule to keep you ahead of the class. If you stick to the schedule, you won’t have pull an all-nighter because you’re already finished with tomorrow’s homework. Be sure to include breaks, eating, and time for self-care in your schedule, too!


This plays into your schedule because you should schedule more time for the things that are truly important. Learn to spend your time on what’s truly important, like school, work, family, and God. This doesn’t mean to completely cut yourself off from other things. This means to know how to find a balance between work and play. Take a good look at your commitments. Do you have time to give your best to each individual commitment? If so, great! If not, figure out what activity you can cut. It’s not worth being in an activity if you can’t give 100% effort because you’re so busy. Let someone who can give the best take over the job. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

Don’t Procrastinate

This goes with the previous point, but it’s so important that I want to dedicate an entire point to it. Avoid spending time on time sucks like social media or TV. As I said before, this doesn’t mean to get rid of them altogether. It means to know if it’s the right time to do those things. Don’t be afraid of work; instead, face it head-on. If you must, put your phone away or turn off the WiFi to reduce the temptation to go online.

Although the classic college student may have to pull a few all-nighters throughout his/her collegiate career, you don’t have to, even if you’re a science student.

Further Reading

How I Said Goodbye to All-Nighters by Rebecca from Life as a Dare | I’m going to be honest, Rebecca’s post was a big inspiration for this post!

Have you ever had to pull an all-nighter? Do you think it helped or hurt you in the end?

You can find Aly’s blog here and follow her on Twitter here!

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July Favorites | YouTubers + Videos

favorite youtubers july

I know most people do favorites all in one big, huge, gigantic post where they talk abut a variety of products, shows, people, etc. but I really wanted to divide things up because I don’t feel like these things are getting enough attention when you just put them in a big post and write a sentence about why you loved them!

The first favorites post that I’ll be sharing from the month of July is all about YouTubers! If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with beauty gurus on YouTube and even just funny, happy-go-lucky people who make amazing videos. I’ve been obsessed with a few people during the past month and I wanted to give them some love and share some videos that I really enjoyed from them recently.


If you’ve never heard of this lady, what are you doing with your life?! She’s an insanely popular YouTuber that does amazing beauty videos and just came out with her own collection in collaboration with Too Faced (which looks flipping gorgeous). Her videos always crack me up because she’s so full of life and has an insane amount of talent in the makeup department. Plus, she’s not afraid of a challenge (She has done a full face highlighter challenge, full face kid’s makeup challenge, full face liquid lipstick challenge, and so much more!). Here are some videos I loved from her recently!

Madison Miller

This is a YouTuber that I discovered recently through a giveaway post and I’ve loved watching her videos and reading her blog every since. She’s super sweet and fun-loving. She has a nice little sense of humor and she does great review videos called “Dope or Nope” where she talks about hot new products. She’s very honest and doesn’t falter with her opinions, which I highly respect (even if I don’t agree with them!). I sincerely recommend her if you’re not already following.

Jeffree Star

There has been so much controversy surrounding this YouTuber here lately and I don’t really want to get much into that, but I will say that I don’t judge my thoughts on someone based on their past. No one is perfect and everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. I love Jeffree’s style, his makeup skills are off the chain, and he’s hilarious. I even follow him on Snapchat (@jeffreedahmer) and he’s constantly cracking me up.

Laura Lee

I am sooo obsessed with Laura Lee. I don’t know how I never found her before but it’s only within the last couple of months that I discovered her on YouTube. She’s so darn hilarious. I love her funny faces, amazing sense of humor, and the over light-hearted, sweet feel of all of her videos. She’s a great YouTuber that definitely has earned everything she’s gotten from being on there!


And last, but certainly, not least, I had to talk about KathleenLights! I’ve been watching her videos for a looong time now but I’ve recently gotten back into watching some of her recent ones. I love how honest she is and how she always is herself, no matter if it’s on Snapchat or behind the camera on YouTube. She’s a hilarious and beautifully talented woman and I love her channel!

And that is it for my favorite YouTubers and videos from the month of July! I really hope you all discovered a new beauty vlogger to follow (sorry I didn’t have anything but beauty gurus to share but they’re kinda my thing 😅). Let me know your favorite YouTubers that you discovered in July in the comments below!

july favorites youtubers and videos pinterest image

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BTS | How to Use Your Syllabus

how to use your syllabus

Now, if you’re like me, you like to keep everything nice, neat, and organized whenever you’re in school. Being able to tell what your next move is will make sure that you never fall behind or end up with poor grades due to just not being on top of things. One of the ways to do that with your studies is to learn how to utilize your syllabi. Now, if you’re in high school, this may not be as effective for you as many high school classes, at least in the United States, do not really make use of their syllabi. They make them as a requirement for the classes and students toss them to the side. In college, your syllabus is everything. It holds the magical key to an A in your ALL classes (Yes, I’m dead serious.). You can get a 4.0 GPA by just utilizing these tips and then following through with the needed processes after!


#1 Try to print off your syllabi before classes start!

Some people don’t think that is a good idea but I really feel like it gets me in the school mindset before I even get started! Sometimes your professors will actually give you copies of the syllabus in your first day of class but some just say, “You can get it online,” or “Read it online.” I don’t like this. I feel like I have enough to print off without them not giving it to me. However, this is why I’ve gotten into the habit of just printing them ahead of time. If you can’t find a place to print for free, try to print them there in smaller fonts and with less color to save some $$$.


#2 Talk with your professors about anything you don’t understand.

Your professors are your resource. They are there to help you. If there is something in the syllabus that you don’t understand, or eve don’t agree with, talk with them about it. They can either explain why it is there, tell you how they can accommodate you, or just assign you with whatever you need in regards to it. I always talk to my professors on the first day of classes if there’s something I don’t understand or something I feel is missing from the syllabus. It’s good to get all of that out of the way ahead of time.


#3 Write down all important monthly, weekly, and daily projects, dates, assignments, etc.

This is a vital first step before classes get fully started. As soon as you get your syllabi, write down EVERYTHING. All the important things you need to remember should go in your planner, to-do list, or whatever you record these things in. If you don’t use a planner, a later tip might be of more use to you for this part of things!


#4 Make a monthly checklist for big items for ALL classes for your planner/binder.

I think this is the best thing to do for big assignments. Whenever you make checklists (or at least for me), you always are more inclined to work on things ahead of time because you know exactly when they’re due and how much more time you have to complete them. Combining them all onto one checklist also keeps you from missing something because you’re flipping through syllabi every day to see what you have due. Big projects normally take a lot of time so this helps you manage that.


#5 Create an assignment list for day-to-day things that will need to be done sooner rather than later.

This is the same concept, except for same, everyday assignments! I recommend making this list all at one, just like the monthly checklist or doing it weekly (this is what I do). Writing down everything you need to accomplishment each week keeps you updated on everything, just like the monthly checklist does. If you want, you could combine both lists to make for a HUGE master list but I think splitting it up making it easier to tackle and more organized!



This is the most important tip of all. If you don’t use all of these resources you’re making, doing your assignments, and following the rules and information stated in your syllabi then none of this is going to help you! Your syllabi are there to guide you through your semesters with ease. Utilize them to do so!


I hope you all found this post useful and I wish you all the best of luck with organizing your semester! If you have any requests for back to school posts for this series, leave them in the comments down below.

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Blogger Spotlight | Alex at “Me So Hapa”

alex chester at mesohapa

For my next blogger to featured in my Blogger Spotlight series, we have an amazing lady that likes to represent and embrace her culture as well as advocate for those who are similar to herself! I am featuring Alex from “Me So Hapa“. I recently became friends with this blogger through Twitter and she’s been a complete sweetheart from the start. I love her blog – especially how she features another hapa, like herself, in a segment called “Hapa Hour” every week! Now, onto the interview!


1. What do you think the biggest misconception is regarding “hapas”?
Oh man, there are several that come to mind. One being we are this “exotic” species. It drives me crazy. I am continually being asked, “what are you?” My response has literally become “I am human.” Another big misconception is how people are continually trying to put us into a “box”. For example, because I am half Japanese, I, therefore, am considered full Asian. Never mind the other half of me, that’s completely irrelevant due to the fact that as American’s we only see the “ethnic” side of someone rather than the “white”. However, it’s  hilarious because I am continually being told I am not Asian enough.
All these misconceptions are why I am producing a multicultural cabaret at The Triad in NYC (Click the link to check it out!), September 12th. I want to tear down the stereotypes, show the world that we Hapas are human and the bridge between cultures, ethnicities, and creeds. We are human.

we so hapa multicultural cabaret


2. What is your favorite food dish, why, and what does it include in it?
OMG, I love food and having to pick one dish sucks! Haha. Well, since I have to pick one, I’m gonna go with my maternal Grandmama’s Sweet Sour Cabbage with Marrow Bones, Short Ribs and Flanken in Tomato Sauce. This dish has been in my family for generations all the way back to Romania and France.


3. Are there cultures other than your own that you want to learn about? If so, which ones and why?
I want to learn about every culture! I think it’s absolutely fascinating how we are all so similar! Being a half Japanese, French, Russian, Romanian Jew I’ve really only explored the Jewish and Japanese side. I’m really excited to being going back to Paris with my family. I can’t wait to explore Parisian Culture. I feel like the last time I was there it was just all about hitting as many museums as possible.
I LOVE to travel! I’ve always been interested in Egyptian culture. I hope to visit Egypt one day. I also want to explore Asia! So much good food to eat!
I basically want to travel so that I can eat foods from different cultures.


4. What made you decide to start a blog based on your ethnicity?
I’ve never really felt like I belonged. When I moved to NYC I met so many other Hapas who felt the exact same way. I thought why not start something where I can bring people together that have always felt like an outsider. Hapas are a minority within a minority. Also, I love food! Hapas have a unique approach to food. I thought this could be a really cool blog. Oh, and each week I feature a Hapa and we talk about food and difficulties being multicultural in the entertainment industry. Like I said before, Hapas are continually being told they aren’t “white”, “black”, “Asian” etc. enough. With the lack of diversity on stage and screen, I wanted to voice these problems. Change begins with me.


5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone struggling to “live life”, what would it be?
Stop worrying so much about what other people think of you. Seriously, it will make your life soooo much easier and less stressful. Find what you are passionate about. Stop being scared of failure, that isn’t actually a thing… That is a state of mind. Surround yourself with good, positive people. Eat yummy food. Dye your hair that crazy color you’ve always wanted to try. Live your life to its fullest capacity and fill it with love! You and you alone have the power to change your life for the better! I feel it is our duty to leave this planet a better place. And remember to breathe!


Visit Alex’s blog by clicking the banner below. Be sure to also follow her on all her social media!
me so hapa banner
Twitter: @AlexFChester
Instagram: @AlexFChester
Facebook: Me So Hapa
Tumblr: Me So Hapa
Acting Website:


alex chester


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